- M Y   A P P R O A C H -

I have been working as a vocal and acting coach for a decade and a half, helping artists of all ages and backgrounds take their craft to higher levels of professionalism and consistency.


Drawing on my experience with a variety of dance and movement techniques, I embrace a full-bodied approach to acting, singing and interpreting material. By connecting the body, breath and voice, I equip you to walk into the audition room feeling grounded and ready to reveal your story with artistry.

- K U D O S -
- Q U O T E S -
"Christian is an amazing coach - I book him all the time because he has great ideas, insight and knows how to communicate with artists."


- Charissa Bertels
Broadway's A Christmas Story

"One of the most gifted, inspiring, insightful, precise, intuitive, enthusiastic, humble, observant, encouraging, and transformative director/educator/coaches I have ever known. I have seen him help willing (and even unwilling) subjects move well beyond their own perceived limits. Frankly, it is just magic."


- Kati Nickerson

Director of Youth Education

Village Theatre 

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