S E R V I C E S   A N D   R A T E S


$70 per hour (plus room fee)

Coaching sessions are offered for a minimum of 1 hour.



$15 - $30 per song, depending on length.

Need to learn sides in a hurry? Or perhaps you're prepping your material before the first rehearsal. I provide you with clean MP3's of your musical material. You receive three MP3's:

~ 1 Vocal Track

~ 1 Vocal/Accompaniment Track

~ 1 Accompaniment Track



$25-$50 per song, depending on length.

Have a song that you love that isn't quite landing in the room because of the piano accompaniment? I'll work with you to create a new arrangement of the song so you can nail your auditions. This works excellently on pop/rock songs.


Clean Sheet Music

$15 - $30 depending on length

Looking to make an audition cut or need a clean version of that hand written song you fell in love with? I'll get the music entered and send you a a pdf within 24 hours.


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